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Make Free Voip Calls To Worldwide Provides 100% Free Calls To Worldwide Online Telephone Calls For Free ! provides 100% free phone calls to worldwide, free phone calls to pakistan, free phone calls to india, free phone calls to srilanka, free phone calls to bangladesh, free phone calls to uae (dubai), free phone calls to saudi arabia, free phone calls to qatar, free phone calls to iran, free phone calls to china, free phone calls to usa, free phone calls to uk, free phone calls to africa, free phone calls to asia and free phone calls to europe online telephone calls for free. Do not using expensive calling cards to call international (worldwide). used voipscall services and enjoy free international calls.
Pick up your phone,
dial a local number and make free calls up to 10 minutes to over 60 countries. it's that simple.
no sign up « no special equipment « no billing « make calls anytime

For calls from your telephone,
Find your local phone number.
Dial this number.
Pay for a local call as you would normally do with your phone carrier.
Enjoy free long distance and international calls.

For calls from your cellular phone,
(or if there is no local number in your location)
Dial any access number and incur your normal carrier charge (or use plan minutes).
Enjoy free international calls.
Listen to one or two short (10-12 seconds) ads. This is how we pay for your free calls.
The call recipient receives a normal call from you (no ad on their side).
Make 10-minute calls to any phone number anytime.
Listen for short beeps 30 seconds before your call is disconnected.

To discourage abuse, if you make a call lasting between 5 and 10 minutes during a day, your next two calls to that particular number on that day are limited to 5 minutes each.

Freephone2phone has a strict privacy policy, does not listen to your calls and will not divulge your personal information to spammers or telemarketers.
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